Sunday, June 7, 2015

Primed & Prepped Program Highlights 2015

Fire Up the Start Ups!

Y for Youth Luncheon Fundraising Event

Two of our P&P students were honored and acknowledged at our recent Y for Youth Luncheon fundraising event that supports the entire YMCA! 

Y for  Youth  honoree with Dad, also known as Coach Tino. Celestino (Tino) Ellington, Sports Director at Bayview YMCA.
Y for Youth honoree with mentor Julia Barboza, MA , Prevention Specialist with the Bayview  Hunter's Point Foundation for Community Improvement/Youth Services

Casey Neuburger from the InterContinental was their to lend his support!
It was a well attended event!
This photo appeared in the SF Gate newspaper. Chef Berlin gave a heart felt speech about the program and the students as I proudly looked on! 

click to see incredible video!

 This video was made to highlight and acknowledge these inaugural students of Primed & Prepped two are interns at the Fairmont Hotel. The P&P student in the middle  was also part of this but couldn't attend the filming. He was preparing for the Iron Chef Competition  for CCSF's Culinary Arts program where he is a student. 

Thanks Lauren Bruce, Campaign Director with YMCA and Swirl Media Company for doing such a fantastic job on the video! 

P&P Parent Night!

Before heading off to prepare dinner for their loved ones, Takija  Gardner, Bayview Y Executive Director and Tyra Fennell, Bayview Y Board-member,  wanted the young men to see the Y for Youth video 
LaVaughn Kellum-King, Vice Chair, Southeast Facilities Commission and supporter of the P&P program, Taking a moment to take a photo with Chef Berlin  and students!
The students were excited about having their loved ones at the Y. More importantly, eating food that they prepared!
This Grandmother was extremely pleased to be their to support her grandson along with several other family members!
Chef Berlin favorite moments are when he can chat and chew with the students to find out how things are going in their lives!
After dinner this family had nothing but praise to the program and for their son!

Elston Mallory, San Francisco's Boys and Girls Home joined me  in on this family photo. All the families
were thrilled with the door prizes that included gift cards during this event!

P&P Going InterContinental 

The students had an opportunity to visit the InterContinental Hotel to hear employees from several departments like Engineering,  Marketing, Housekeeping and Catering tell their amazing stories how they got where they are and their plans for the future. A true Career Awareness moment!
Casey Neuburger, Human Resource Director, InterContinental enjoys hosting P&P students. He shared his career path in a very inspiring manner and encouraged the students to ask as many questions as they could think of.  Nothing was off limits!
The students were really engaged in the conversations and had plenty questions to ask!

After the career talks, they took a tour of the hotel. Casey is a thorough guide and keeps infusing the importance of customer service.
Casey, loves showing them the kitchen. Chef Berlin chimes in giving more explanation as they look at professional equipment and appliances.
Of course, getting them away from the gym wasn't easy. They were like kids in a candy store!
Until we met again! P&P gave a big thank you to all the InterContinental employees that came and spoke to them. That's Donna Ouderkirk, Assistant Human Resource Director, standing next to Chef.

 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough....InterContinental Again!

Who has back to back field trips to the same place? P&P! That's right after our Career Awareness Seminar we were invited back the next day to the InterContinental's Iron Chef Competition. This is where 5 InterContinental Hotels from different states, have 5 of their Student Chefs compete against one another and  the audience are the judges. You sample what each Chef prepared, score it on the score card that is tallied at the end of the event and the winner is announced. The winning student receives $5000.00 and the Iron Chef Title.

P&P students are the only young people invited to this event. This allows them the opportunity to mingle and network
Peter Koehler, InterContinental Hotel General Manager, introducing Primed & Prepped to the invited guest. Peter is a big fan and supporter of Primed & Prepped!!  

President Obama's Suite !

We took a break from the Iron Chef Competition for a brief moment to see the suite our President stays in when he comes to town. Normally this room is not shown but P&P students insisted on seeing it. Casey wanted them to have this special experience so he gave them a tour of the room that President Obama stays while at the hotel. Seeing the expressions on their faces and hearing the comments where priceless. Glad I was there to witness it all!

This space was so beautiful to see!  However, the lighting in the room made it difficult to get great shots.  
A room with a view...these are the types of experiences I like having for my students!

Back to the Iron Chef Competition!!

There are other foods and pastries to enjoy that are not part of the competition. YUM!
This student was the winner of P&P's Iron Chef Competition 2014. He wants to be a Chef so this event
was very meaningful to him plus he likes to EAT!

Another P&P student comfortably networking and having a great time!

Another aspiring Chef that enjoyed the voting process!
It was also a great time for the students to hang out and relax with one another other
Every once in a while they would all meet up together to laugh and talk about the food they were sampling
At the end of the evening the students were gifted with the ever so popular "Selfie Stick"
Thank You InterContinental Hotel!!

Our P&P Student....Guest Speaker At Fairmont Hotel!

Our P&P student was asked to speak on a panel to talk about his experience as an Intern Chef at the Fairmont Hotel.  It was at the Hotel Industry Showcase sponsored by UNITE HERE !Local 2  Hotel Council of San Francisco and San Francisco Office of Economic and WorkForce Development The Showcase was specifically for Program Directors, Job Placement Counselors and Community Partners to learn more about the S.F. Hotel Industry

Casey Neuburger, InterContinental Human Resource Director, introduces the guest speakers: Jared Lamb, InterContinental Hotel Group, Bill Truong, The Westin Hotel, Rickey Smith, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Jaime Arevalo, Hyatt Hotels.
It was delightful watching and listening to him at his first public speaking appearance. He did a great job!
Thomas Myers,Office of Economic and Workforce Development introduces the Human Resource Directors from all the Hotels that participated: InterContinental Hotel Group, The Marriott Marquis , Starwood Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, The Fairmont San Francisco, Hilton San Francisco Union Square
Primed and Prepped would like to send a shout out to Kevin Carroll and the Hotel Council of San Francisco, Mike Casey, UNITE HERE!LOCAL 2, Rashaida Nirobe, Hospitality Initiative Pilot Project, Peter Koehler and Casey Neuburger, InterContintental Hotel for making Primed & Prepped a genuine partner!

Black History Month

Primed & Prepped help clean and season over 100 pounds of fish and chicken for the Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose  Senior Service's 35 Annual Fundraising Event, Black Cuisine. This is one of our volunteer give-back to the community.

Black Cuisine is a great experience for Foodies and Families!

Celebrate our Culture 

The Bayview Y's African American Holistic Wellness Program and Primed & Prepped team up  for Black History Month. Every Tuesday during the month of  February guest would watch a short film about African American History and open it up for discussion and dialog over dinner. Primed & Prepped prepared  celebratory ethnic cuisine each evening.
Chef does a demonstration then have the students replicate what they've seen
Fresh produce is a must in the P&P kitchen and Greenleaf Produce makes it happen!

P&P are getting ready to serve their guest!

While P&P are getting ready to serve,the guest are finishing up their movie discussion!
Our guest waiting patiently for some good eats!!

City College of San Francisco-Culinary Excellence!

P&P had the opportunity to tour the kitchen facilities at City College of San Francisco Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program. Our tour guide and host was Ron Ng, Culinary Arts Chef Instructor. We are proud to say that we have a P&P student in the Culinary Program at City College!
Chef Ng takes a moment to chat with the students before the tour begins

The students were so excited about being on this campus and they listen closely as Chef Ng spoke!
There were lots of intelligent questions being asked
It was fantastic that they were able to see some CCSF Culinary students at work
Eating in the cafeteria where the CCSF Culinary students prepared and served the food was the  highlight  of the evening!
A big THANK YOU! to Chef Ng and Tannis Reinhert, Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts Department Chair, for their support with the P&P Program


P&P had an incredible time touring the kitchen facilities of Zynga and having  dinner at the end of the tour. Bairam Jacobsohn, Kitchen Supervisor at Zynga and P&P Kitchen Volunteer loves giving the tour with the students.

This was a delightful tour! It was so much fun watching the young men have such a great time!

Y's Donor Appreciation Dinner

Chef Berlin put the student to work with event planning. They had the opportunity to help set up the formal dining table for the Y’s Appreciation Dinner. They also  plated and decorated with fresh fruit the cheesecake dessert provided by Faz Restaurants  
Chef Berlin giving instructions about the room set-up
Students getting more instructions on setting the tables from an employee with James Stanfield Catering
 Plating and decorating the cheesecake. Chef Berlin had them pumping them out!
Man Kim hanging out in the kitchen with the young men before the ceremony begins
See for yourself, P&P did such a great job plating and decorating the desserts!
Cheesecake anyone!
Chuck Collins, President and CEO of YMCA, conducting opening remarks for ceremony!
Malia Cohen, District 10 Supervisor  congratulates are the recipients!
I was pleased to honor Man J. Kim for all that he does for P&P along with Takija Gardner, Executive Director, Bayview YMCA. Man Kim not only supports the program financially, but he also takes out time to visit with the students and conduct motivational workshops and he also has them as Interns at his different locations. Loris Diners, Sears Fine Food and the Golden Gate Bar and Grill.
Man Kim with other Y Donor's! It was an incredible evening!
Man Kim sat at the table with P&P and gave each student his signature $2 bill!

College Success Night

P&P prepared and served food to over 68 high school students that came to College Success Night sponsored by the Y's Care Program and Family Resource Centers. They also were participants seeking out information on how to enroll to college and apply for financial aid.
The students really understand the concept of teamwork!

These two videos are short and brief. There meant to give you an idea of  the type of dialogue that goes on when they are in training plus you get a peak at the fresh fruits and vegetable we use!
The program attendees line up to be served!
P&P students were ready to feed the hungry crowd working in shifts as servers. The menu consisted of vegetable and meat lasagna, three types of chicken wings, fresh vegetables, sourdough bread, and fruit platters for desserts along with fruit infused waters!  
Many of the guest loved the food so much they came back for more. 
It was a well attend event with over 68 youth in attendance and ??? colleges and 
Chef Berlin posing with one of our Advanced students that is also a P&P Kitchen leader and student in CCSF Culinary Program

  Catering the Bayview YMCA's Board Members Meeting

Chef prepping the students for the nights dinner for the Y's Board Members
The Advanced students knew exactly what to do where the new students had to wait for more instructions
Chef Berlin  adding the final touches of cream sauce to the chicken
Doesn't this place look delightful?
They were great remembering which side to serve on and which side to retrieve the finished plates. Great job P&P!

Summer Program begins Tuesday, June 9- Thursday, July 30, 2015 T-W-TH 10-12N 

For more information about Primed & Prepped  contact Kelly Armstrong at the Bayview YMCA (415) 822-7728 or email