Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How Time Flies....Summertime Is Over!


The Golden Gate Restaurant Association's 1st Annual Industry Conference
acknowledged and gave a $5k scholarship to one of our inaugural students that's enrolled in City College of San Francisco's Culinary Program

Not only did he receive a scholarship but he also volunteered at the event as a Culinary Assistant during a training session 

Samantha M. Higgins,Communications and Public Policy Associate
Golden Gate Restaurant Association posing with P&P student at the conference held at CCSF Chinatown/North Beach Campus

End Of Class Ceremony

The students decided they wanted to have an Iron Chef Competition as the End of Class Ceremony. Teams were formed, judges were selected,  the secret ingredient  was revealed. What team will earn the bragging rights as the Iron Chef Winners? 

This is Team Alfonso
This is Team Erik
These are two inaugural  Students Rickey (P&P's first Iron Chef Winner ) and Lahrul.
They prepared the food for the guest while Chef Berlin was overseeing the two competing teams.
It was incredible watching these two pull everything together.
They work well as a team. 
Now they are ready to explain the dishes they prepared as they serve the guest!
They are the perfect example of what Primed & Prepped is!
Fresh green salads and fruit platters!
 Delicious Lasagna
Three types of chicken wings, teriyaki, barbecue and garlic! So tasty!!
Chef Berlin gave the instructions along with the secret ingredient (basil)  and put them fast to work
It was incredible the amount of focus they all had. They were really getting into it!
Families were there supporting the youth!
After taking a peek in the kitchen observing the youth, family members sat patiently waiting for the next step in the competition!
The judges were excited about the contest and  couldn't wait to taste the food.
Each one of the judges are fans for the TV program Iron Chef so this was bringing their favorite show to life!
The judging begins! Each team had to make sauteed zucchini, barbecue and dill wings with a balsamic glaze design. Hot mustard glazed wings with Jr. Chef salad with baby Arugula, Spinach smoked Gouda Cheese. They had other food choices that they could also incorporate into their dishes.
The winning team is Team Erik! They now have the bragging right as the Iron Chef Winners! They added a hot dog with a special sauce that put them over the top, all the judges loved it!
Chef Berlin thanked Lahrul and Rickey for being excellent role models for the program. Our other advanced student, Tristen, another inaugural student, came in a little later and helped with the clean up!

Breakfast Anyone?

Chef Berlin taught them several techniques for cooking eggs, They loved it!
This plate was an example of scrambled eggs, grits, fresh fruit, raisin toast and turkey bacon. Yum! 
They learned how to make fresh orange juice and they added blue berries for effect!
One of Chef Berlin favorite knife skills builders is having them cut lots of fruit and veggies!
My favorite is watching the students when they are all focused and working as a team!
I can hear Chef Berlin saying, "Hey guys, what did I ask you to do? Is that what you are doing?"
See thes pants hanging where they shouldn't be, that was addressed in class with three words...Wear a Belt!!
Each student learns how to wash and properly dry dishes. Cleanliness is a must!

   ServSafe Training

According to the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe training and certification is recognized by more federal, state and local jurisdictions than any other food safety certification. 

All P&P students prepare and take the ServSafe Food Handler Certification!
Chef Berlin has a captive audience!
During the training, the students shadow him throughout the kitchen learning the do's and don'ts of sanitation!
After he demonstrates, he questions the students, give pop quizzes and have them demonstrate what they saw.

  Festus Ezeli of the Golden State Warriors Hangs Out in the Kitchen with P&P

Festus had such a good time hanging out with us. He promises when his schedule lightens up that he will be back!

Primed & Prepped Program begins September 15, 2015

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:00-6:30 pm


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Fun with Primed & Prepped!

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

Bowl For Youth 2015 Fundraiser Event 

with support from the 49ers Foundation 

at Sea Bowl 

This event joined recent and former graduates along with our new students!

It was great watching everyone relax and have a good time!
 The young men had the opportunity to meet and talk with celebrity ball players like former 49ers Eason Ramson
They had a great time posing in front of Championship Trophies
They enjoyed competing against one another!
The students approached Greg Suhr, San Francisco Police Chief and asked for his autograph!
The young men had the opportunity to meet and talk with celebrity ball players!
P&P Summer Program Begins

Our focus is teaching the young men how to run a Food Concession stand. They learn sanitation, kitchen safety, knife skills, life skills and much more. 

Chef Berlin getting their snacks ready
We make it a point to always have fresh and tasty food!
The Bayview Y is a soda free zone. It's amazing how fast the students adapt!

Of course their is paper work to be done on the first day!
Ice Breakers are always fun to watch!!
This is my favorite part, watching them interact with one another to find that common thing!
This was such a great activity.... without identifying themselves they had to complete unfinished sentence stems. For example one student wrote: The best thing about being an adolescent, learning growing and experiencing new things
The students enjoyed reading the responses too!

 Pizza Anyone? 

They are catering lunch for our Y-Football  Camp at Silver Terrace Park for 5-14 year old participants. They are preparing handmade pizzas for 30 kids.
Chef Berlin getting the guys organized and ready to go!
The students were so excited about putting on their aprons for the first time!
They eagerly await instructions from Chef Berlin
The students work well as a team
They had  to stay focus to crank out more than 10 pizza's
They made cheese, pepperoni and sausage & pepperoni pizzas!!
This is what one of the pizza's looked liked. The best part was that they guys got to eat some too!

Pizza's are now ready for pick-up and delivery!!
 Knife Skills
P&P catered the food for the B-Ball Jam Tournament closing community event for the Bayview Beacon. It was two basketball teams that played a three-game tournament, and the winner of the tournament won a special trophy from the YMCA. After the game, all the guests were invited to eat in the conference room food prepared and served by Primed & Prepped for about 60 people. They prepared steak and chicken tacos, nachos complete with chili, cheese, lettuce and sour cream. Fresh fruit platters were also made.

Chef is giving instructions and demonstrations on how to cut fruit for the platters!
He makes sure they are all paying attention and asking lots of questions
Look how focused these guys are....so fascinating to watch them!
Chef takes out time to watch and guide each student
Great job, young man!
San Francisco Achievers College Orientation and Conversation with Jason Reynolds.
The Bayview Y had the opportunity to host the San Francisco Achievers as they oriented a new group of college bound students. Their mission  is to reduce the  achievement gap of African American young men in San Francisco high schools through support, mentoring, and college  scholarships. Primed & Prepped catered the lunch that consisted of assorted turkey and vegetable wraps, fruit and vegetable platters for 35 young men.

Gregory Collins, Executive Director of San Francisco Achievers attentively listening to one of his students read
I had the opportunity to introduce the SF Achievers to the  P&P Program  recruiting for the Fall program
P&P students catered the lunch for this event
It was a pleasure knowing that they enjoyed the food!
The highlight of the Orientation was Jason Reynolds, author of critically acclaimed When I Was the Greatest, for which he was the recipient of the Coreeta Scott King/John Steptoe Award for New Talent and Boy in the Black Suit. You can find his ramblings at JasonWritesBooks.com

Thanks Greg and SF Achievers! I will look forward to having some of you join P&P!
Chef Berlin is looking forward to training the next group of young men!

 Informational sessions and cooking demonstration on:

August 18, 20, 25, & 27, 2015


You must attend an Informational Session to Join!

Primed & Prepped Program begins September 15, 2015

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


For more information about Primed & Prepped  contact Kelly Armstrong at the Bayview YMCA (415) 822-7728 or email karmstrong@ymcasf.org.