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Primed & Prepped 2015 Wrap-Up!

Holiday Internships for P&P Students

During the Holiday Season, I reached out to Mann J. Kim of Lori's Diner seeking internships for some of our students. Mr. Kim is a huge supporter of Primed & Prepped and responded with a resounding YES! 
I took this photo of Mann J Kim, and  Jeong Kim, his wife after having dinner at his new location Capellini, in San Mateo.
Mr. Kim told me that this location is also open to my students for internships. It's really beautiful and the
Italian food is quite delicious. Drop by for dinner one night to see for yourself!

P&P Students Interning at Sears Fine Food and Lori's Diner for the Holidays!

It was my lucky day to catch two of the young workers on break!
The students are working as busser and enjoying every minute of it!
These students were Primed & Prepped for work quickly becoming an asset to Sears Fine  Food during the busy Holiday Season in Downtown Union Square! Can I say proud moment!

 Before the Internship...

Before the internship, there was a hiring packet that needed to be addressed!
The students were so fortunate to have Hassan Iravani, Regional Director of Lori's Diner, conducting the Job Orientation!

Mr. Iravani was extremely patient and thorough as he explained every page in the hiring packet. The students were paying close attention to his every word. 
After the Orientation was completed, the students enjoyed a wonderful meal!

Holiday Dinner at Hahn's Hibachi!

P&P students had a fantastic holiday meal at Hahn's Hibachi Korean Food. During the meal, we discussed what their first day on the job would be like. There was so much enthusiasm at this table that night! 
This was a special time for me with the students because I knew they were ready for work. I'm so grateful to Mr. Iravani and Mr, Kim for making this happen and most importantly to the students for following through!

Food Network Chef Yaku Moton-Spruill

Chef Yaku is a graduate from California Culinary Academy and works as the Interim Executive Chef/Executive Sous chef for St. Francis Yacht Club

Chef Yaku had P&P students undivided attention as he shared his career path to becoming a Chef.
Chef Yaku's message  was one of empowerment. He told the students to find out what was important to them and their communities and stay focused on seeing it through. He used himself as an example explaining how important it is to him to take out time to come and speak to students like them!

  He talked about his defeat on the Food Network's Cut Throat Kitchen and how he is looking forward to
going back  for a second round January 2016. We will keep you posted when it airs!
Chef Yaku, Primed & Prepped will be rooting for you!

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Culinary Program  Field Trip

Our very own inagural P&P graduate attends CCSF Culinary Program. He was excited to see us during our annual field trip to the college. The students enjoyed eating dinner before the offical tour took place.
Chef Ng, Culinary Instructor since 1991, is the perfect host making sure to explain what it takes to get into the program and
what it takes to succeed. Reading, Writing, and Math. Hhm...can't get away from it no matter what field you are interested in!
Chef Berlin was on hand to quiz the students as Chef Ng was pointing out different equipment and supplies!
Chef Ng, thanks again for a delightful and informational tour! We plan on sending more students to your program!

 4th Annual Black Student Union hosted by Senator Mark Leno

Primed & Prepped participated in the 4th Annual Black Student Union hosted by Senator Mark Leno in partnership with the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators. Thanks to Emily Wade-Thompson, Supervisor of Family and Community Engagement, P&P was allowed to put 300 program flyers in all the resource folders prepared for the students.
It was an amazing event seeing all these young people and a few of them where our P&P students!

The International Culinary Center

  The International Culinary Center is located in Campbell, California. It offers a unique
 menu of culinary training programs including an intensive fast-track program designed to set you on a path for professional success. Distinguished alumni include Bobby Flay.  Jacques Pepin and Jacques Torres are amongst the legendary deans at the school.

Rachael Thompson, Director of Admissions, giving the history of the International Culinary Center

Captivated by the wall of fame. They were counting how many of the faces they've
 seen on the Food  Network. They also mentioned that one day one of their faces would be on that wall!
In between the tour,they were treated to a delicious dinner. They were so pleased
they could go back for seconds...and they did!
The potato pancakes with smoked salmon top with sour cream was delicious
P&P students enjoyed watching the culinary students hard at work
This is a  pastry student that was very involved in his work, but he did look up to
acknowledge the students. 
They were so captivated by the artistry of the pastries and, even more, delighted that the
students had made cookies for them!
They learned that a pastry chef has to be precise with ingredients whereas  culinary it isn't as important
There were many classrooms to visit and interact with!
The final stop is a cooking demonstration that they couldn't wait to see!
Chef Bruno Ponsot, is amazing. He was actually brought to the US by the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse
to work at a restaurant he opened in Orlando. He's been with The International Culinary Center
since 2010  Standing patiently while everyone was being seated.
P&P students enjoyed Chef Bruno so much that I had to pull them away from him because it was getting late.
The student were full of questions and Chef Bruno loved it!


Every professional kitchen requires a wide variety of tools - some basic, some very specific. Can openers, colanders, cheese graters, disher scoops, film and foil cutters, garlic press,  potato masher and mandolins are just a few. 
Chef Berlin had the students take all the kitchen tools, gadgets, pots and pans out of the pantry
The students neatly arranged all the items
After everything was neatly placed, they had to learn the names and usage of each item
The students had a great time seeing who could name the most tools


In this hands-on knife skills class, students learn the fundamental techniques of knife skills. They are given step-by-step instructions on how to grasp a knife safely and body position. Each student is given a whole chicken to cut-up and afterwards cook it.
The first step to great food is great knife skills!

Good knife skills not only save time and effort, they keep you safe as well.

I beginning to believe that this is Chef Berlin's favorite class. He has just as much fun as the students!

Lights On AfterSchool Resource Fair

Lights On After School Resource Fair consisted of various community organizations throughout Bayview Hunter Point tabling their programs. It was the  perfect opportunity  to network, invite  youth, teens, transitional aged youth & families to learn about all the amazing resources BVHP has to offer.  
P&P students used the Lights On Event to practice their serving and busser skills. 
P&P students work well as a team!

Let's Talk About Health

Bette Vargas, Fitness Coach gave an incredible talk about "Sugar, the Sweet Poison" 

Students were taught how to make Smoothies as an alternative to drinking sodas!
Yum! Almond Milk, Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

P&P Summer Internship Graduation 2015

The 2nd Annual graduation ceremony sponsored by Workforce Development San Francisco, UNITE HERE! and The Hotel Council,  was given at the Fairmont Hotel Penthouse Suite to acknowledge all the youth that participated in the summer internship program. Each student had  representatives from the hotel or restaurant they worked at say a few words about their shared experiences then presented them with a Certificate of Accomplishment.

P&P student interned in the IT Department at the InterContinental Hotel is being acknowledged by Peter Koehler, General Manager of InterContinental. Peter touched on how this student saved them $20k while creating their new phone system by purchasing recycled products. We are expecting a "big" bonus for him!

Inaugural P&P student also interned at the InterContinental as a Chef Intern. He is now a sophomore in college and  plans to continue working there on weekends and holidays!
2- Inaugural P&P students interned at the Fairmont Hotel as Chef Interns. With them are Chef Andrew, that oversees the young men and Michelle Gaul, California Regional Director of Human Resources. The P&P student standing next to Chef Andrew is working on his 3rd year as an Intern Chef with the Fairmont and the other one was at the InterContinental. One of our other inaugural P&P students whose also been with the hotel for several years couldn't be there because he just started college at Sonoma State.
P&P student interned at Genesys Works in the IT Department. Based on his life skills training with the P&P program, he secured his own internship with Genesys!  The Networking classes paid off!
Kevin Carroll, Executive Director, Hotel Council  of San Francisco, with a graduate from another program and his Mom. In the background  pointing is Thomas Myers, Deputy Director of Workforce Development, Office of Economic and Workforce Development.
Chef Berlin in the middle flanked by P&P graduates along with two young ladies from another program that also interned this summer. Chef Berlin has provided our young men with tools and skills that will last them a lifetime. They absolutely adore him.
Man Kim, President of Lori's Diner, Sears Fine Food, Golden Gate Grill presented P&P with a check to support the program. His involvement in the program is more than the check he presents us  yearly.  Man Kim also takes out time  to visit us at the Y. He gives motivational presentations to the students, invites them to dinner at his location sites and hires them as summer interns. He is  a very humble and  gracious man!
That's me with Chuck Collins, President & CEO of YMCA and Takija Gardner, Executive Director, Bayview YMCA. Chuck gave an eloquent speech remembering a time when Blacks could not be in the Fairmont and how proud he is seeing our young men being exposed to this opportunity. It was a speech I'm glad the young men were able to hear. Directly behind me reaching for a business card to give to a P&P student  is Otis Watson, Assistant Vice President-Western Market, Comerica Bank.

Gina Fromer, former District VP in YMCA SF and current California State Director for the Trust of Public Land and Anastacia (Tacing) Parker, Associate Executive Director, Bayview YMCA. Two incredible ladies that I have the utmost respect for. Gina is the reason P&P is at the Y!

Mary Bitterman, President, Bernard Osher Foundation, Chuck Collins and  yours truly. Mary and I go way back during her days as the President of KQED. She's always been one of my biggest cheerleaders!
Lyslynn Lacoste, Esq.  BMAGICDirector, San Francisco Office of the Public Defender and Gina Fromer.

I'm standing with the Grandmother and mother of one of our P&P students!
Supervisor Malia Cohen, surrounded by her mother (seated), her sister Kathy and Takija
P&P student that interned at the InterContinental is laughing it up with Casy Neuburger, Human Resource Director, InterContinental. Casey is the mastermind that started the internship program for P&P!. 
I was happy to take this photo with Rashaida Nirobe, Workforce Development Consultant, Lillith Group. Rashaida has been with me when P&P was just an idea on paper. Her support, encouragement and sound advice will always be remembered.  P&P student in the background photobombing the picture. They love doing that!
Workforce Development Consultant and owner of the Lillith Group
My  inaugural students, I've  seen a lot of growth from them in the last couple of years. It's been amazing!
Chef Berlin and I were happy to catch up with Judy Lepe, P&P Volunteer. Judy is such an asset to our program!

P&P student taking out time to speak with Man Kim. Man Kim enjoys telling jokes and the students love when he passes out his signature $2 bills.

Antoinette Sobavalroo, P&P Fundraiser Volunteer, Jackie Wright, Executive Director IT Bookman, Tonie Brock, Photographer (took many of these photos) and Judy Lepe posing for the camera! Tonie Brock was very instrumental with P&P being at the Bayview YMCA!
Julia Barboza, Shelter Care Counselor with San Mateo County and Tacing Parker. 
Grandma was so proud of P&P grandson!
"It takes a Village," this is mine! Standing in front of me is Lionel Armstrong, my supportive husband!
We thank you all for coming and supporting Primed & Prepped!

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