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The Speaker Was In The House

We were delighted that Mayor Brown joined us to bring awareness about the importance of the Tourism Industry in San Francisco and how Primed & Prepped is a vehicle to entry level jobs in this industry.

Our added bonus was having award-winning broadcast journalist and author, Belva Davis who made history in 1966 when she was hired by San Francisco, California’s Channel 5, KPIX-TV, becoming the first female African American television news reporter on the West Coast.
Belva moderated the panel that consisted of Casey Neuburger, Human Resource Director at Hotel Nikko and the Chair of the P&P Advisory Board, Debra Higa, Director of Human Resources, Westin St. Francis, Lahrul Hayden, Inaugural P&P student, and Aleja Cobarruviaz, recent P&P graduate.

Before introducing Brown, Kelly walked down memory lane telling how she met him in 1990 when he was Speaker of the Assembly and from then on, he became an integral part of her career. She was his makeup artist while he was in office for 2-years.
It's official, Mayor Brown is Primed & Prepped with his personalized Chef Coat!

After his talk, Takija Gardner, Bayview YMCA Executive Director, honored Brown by presenting him with the Bayview YMCA Community & Public Service Award.
Chef Yaku, Program Chef and Food Network All Star and the Primed and Prepped students prepared the delicious appetizers that included Caprese skewers with pesto, chicken kabobs, garlic bread, meatballs, fruit salad, meat board with crackers and olives and a dessert table

Chef Yaku's Assistant, Chef Izzy  was also on hand sharing baking points with the students.

Our partners at Bi-Rite generously donated delicious cheese platters, thanks Sarah Arndt.
Kudos to Casey,  Debra, and Kevin Carroll , Executive Director, Hotel Council ( missing  from photo) for making this event happen

Man Kim, Owner Lori's Diner and Sears Fine Food and a P&P program funder expresses his positive sentiments about why he stays involved with the program, put simply he's helping to change lives! Thanks, Man Kim

Rob Twyman, Regional President Wholefoods Market-Northern California & Reno. Wholefoods Market has done quite a bit for the P&P program providing funds for scholarships, catering supplies and started a P&P Internship program.

Doris Broussard, Grand Parent, and P&P Administrative Volunteer.  Doris spoke on why she became a volunteer with the program as her granddaughter Sonte Rollins, recent P&P graduate listens intently.
Tristen Ellington, P&P Inaugural student attends Sonoma State University, making time to give back to the program. 

Judy Lepe, P&P Volunteer, Chef Kevin Tucker, Flynn Bradley, Manager of Office of Employment and Community Partnerships at San Francisco Airport, Kelly, Demetrius Durham, Workforce Development Director at Bayview YMCA and Casey Neuburger
David Shaw, Director of Communication & Marketing, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy,  Kelly and Mikael Wagner, Principal at Promotions West, P&P Fundraising Volunteers

Mildred Blackmon, P&P supporter, Kelly, and Nati Ramirez,  Owner Don Ramon's Mexican Restaurant, and P&P supporter. Nati, you always said you would make it to one of our events and you did. What a great surprise it was! 
Jackie Wright, Publicist with Wright Enterprise and Belva. Thanks Jackie for securing Belva as our Moderator.

The Primed & Prepped Students 

 Are Why We Do What We Do!

Take a look at the following photos highlighting the students as they prepared for the evenings event. You will notice the teamwork, the smiles, the focus and attention to detail that is necessary while working in the kitchen.

Each student has a role and responsibility and they get right to it.

Great to see graduates coming back time after time helping out and giving back

Is that a Cell Phone I see in her hand?  That's a definite NO, NO!

Friendships develop over the years like with these two Alums both at the Fairmont Hotel
Chef Yaku  is somewhere behind the scenes making sure  everyone is on schedule

For those of you that missed Aleja on the panel speaking, you missed out. 

Alumni student Isaac with his Grandmother who absolutely loves Primed & Prepped.. Isaac, thanks for  your continual support of the program and giving back!

Is it ready?

Mayor Brown, A Hit with P&P Students

Mayor Brown made it a point to take out time to be with  the P&P students
Mayor Brown enjoyed listening to Aleja as a panelist was impressed with her confidence

Isaac is our tech savvy student as you can see him sharing something here with Mayor Brown

Primed & Prepped Program 

September 19, 2017 - May 10, 2018

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:00 pm-6:30 pm


Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 In Pictures-A Look Back at Primed & Prepped

P&P Caters the San Francisco Warriors "Season of Giving" Holiday Fest at the Bayview Opera House and Joseph Lee Recreation Center

The Warriors Holiday Fest engaged over 200 youth in festive
activities interacting with the Warriors Players and volunteers. 
The students were from Carver Elementary, Charles Drew Elementary 
and Joseph Lee Gym
P&P student (sitting in the center with Y T-Shirt) gets a thumbs up from the Warrior
Volunteers as they have lunch that was catered by the P&P students.

This P&P student used her knife skills as she prepared the chicken breast for the Chicken Pesto Pasta for the 50 Adult Volunteers. Also on the menu was a Caesar Salad and garlic bread. The vegetarian option included Stuffed Pepper with rice and veggies and homemade triple chocolate brownies.

P&P  worked tirelessly preparing 250 whole wheat wraps with honey baked turkey and jack cheese, tomatoes and lettuce wraps made for the elementary students that were the invited guest of the Warriors!
This young lady was so excited about participating in this event in hopes to meeting her
favorite player Clay Thompson. To her delight, she got so much more.
The highlight of the event for me was watching our student meet her idol.
Chef Yaku made it happen for her!It reminded me of how I felt when I met
my idol Berry Gordy of Motown Records. PRICELESS!
Can you see why this young lady was in seventh heaven?
Andre Igudola is another one of her favorites!
Watching her drum up the courage to ask for their autograph was something to see.
 Once she got the hang of it, she was off and running.
 Her Primed & Prepped Apron is now full of autographs!
The players helped to pass out the student lunches!
The Warrior Dancers were in the house helping to pass out lunches too!
Lunch is served. Each box also included 2-tangerines and a peppermint candy cane
Chef Yaku chatted with the young people to find out if they enjoyed their lunch. Thumbs Up!
During my brief encounter with Warriors Coach Steve Kerr, I found him to be a
very humble and funny. 
These guys Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were enjoying taking photos with the elementary school kids and
 rocking to some old school R&B music!
Chef Yaku, P&P Instructor, Chyna Davis, P&P Student, Jason Mark, Warriors Special Event Coordinator, Me and Theo Ellington, Warriors Marketing Director. A special THANK YOU to Theo for making this happen for Primed & Prepped!

P&P Decorate Gingerbread House at The Fairmont Hotel

Michelle Gaul, Regional Director of Human Resources at Fairmont Hotel and  P&P Advisory Board Member invited  P&P students to help decorate the Fairmont Hotel Gingerbread House . This was such an honor be a part of a century-long tradition. The Chef hats were donated by the Fairmont and the Aprons were donated by our program supporter  Lynette Cayson of Cayson Designs

Chef Yaku had a ball showing his son Angel how to place the green marshmallow trim!

Angel was definitely a little kid in a candy store! He couldn't believe that he could
  actually eat the gum ball, malt balls, marshmallows and the white icing that was 
the glue for building the house. So much fun watching him!

So Much to See at the Fairmont Hotel

The P&P students were happy to see P&P inaugural student Lahrul Hayden at work.

Oscar Gonzales, Executive Chef was happy to have Lahrul come out and greet his fellow classmates.

Chef Gonzales gave an in-depth tour of the kitchen along with explaining the role of an Executive Chef.

A tour to the Tonga Room, one of their restaurants and Hurricane Bar!

Kate Schroeder, Pastry Sous Chef and Kimberly Tighe, Executive Pastry Chef 
that led the team who built the Gingerbread House takes out
 time to speak with the P&P students.

Winding down our fun and a fact-filled visit to a delightful dinner!
The students were taking photos of the food and posting on Instagram!
 Can't get them to put down those Cell Phones, so I joined in!!!!

As you can see Chef Yaku was also snapping away! This is truly a sign of the times!
Michelle Gaul, Regional Director of Human Resources, Fairmont Hotel.
Thanks again for making P&P the recipients of your Rummage Sale. The funds the
Fairmont raised decluttering their storage space was greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for all that do for our program!

P&P Parent Holiday Dinner

Chef Yaku carving the delectable  Prime Rib that the students helped him prepare!

The students did a FANTASTIC job decorating and displaying the food
The students prepared mashed potatoes, garlic broccoli, deep-fried macaroni & cheese topped
  with pulled chicken and coleslaw. Dessert was Rice Krispie squares, fresh strawberries,
pineapple and marshmallows served with chocolate fondue.
The students and Chef received rave reviews for a great meal. 
Michael Kirtman, Facilities Manager at the Bayview Y stopped by to greet
the student's parents and wish them a great holiday season! The parents and family members enjoyed the meal prepared by their youth and loved the raffle prizes which ranged from movie tickets to Safeway gift cards!.

Thurgood Marshall Culinary Students Visits Primed & Prepped

Chef Yaku giving the students of Thurgood Marshall an overview  of the P&P Program
The students were treated to a  healthy breakfast and had a Q&A about the program.
 Two students joined the program!
Chef Yaku gives a knife demonstration that all enjoyed watching. He is magical with a knife!
Elizabeth Quinones Gonzales, Thurgood Marshall Culinary Instructor, thanks for visiting to learn more about the P&P Program, we look forward to working with you and your students!

Chef Yaku visits Thurgood Marshall Culinary Progam

Chef Yaku paid the culinary students at Thurgood Marshall a visit and gave them
 a great lecture on a day in the life of a Chef. 

The 7th Annual Black Student Union High School Summit Honoring Senator Mark Leon and Lamont Bishop

The Summit was sponsored by the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators and the
 San Francisco Unified School District. The co-sponsors were the Bayview Association
 for Youth, 100% College Prep Institute and the YMCA. This year's theme was 
"Black Excellence..the Time is Now"
Virginia Marshall Vice President of the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators.,
 Senator Mark Leno that has hosted the event every year at the State Building,
Emily Wade-Thompson,President of SF Alliance of Black School Educators, and 

LaMonte Bishop, Deputy District Director of Senator Mark Leno.Senator Leno 
and  LaMonte were being honored for their years of dedication and service.
Not included in the photos are Diane Gray, Executive Director of !00% College Prep
 and Chair of BSU
The room was full of "High School" energy. Anyone that works with youth knows what I mean:)
It was a great group of motivated students!
One of our P&P graduates joined Chef Yaku to demonstrate knife cutting skills. 
It was a great Q&A session where the students wanted to know more about the program.
Two students joined P&P and one of them is now working with Whole Foods!

Rounding out our session with Chef Phillip Gum.
Not only is he a Chef but also the owner of JE Model Management, a talent agency.
He encouraged the students to get an education and to travel.

CCSF'S Chef Ng, Does It Again!

For the past 3-years City College of SF Culinary Instructor, Ronald Ng,
 has graciously hosted P&P starting them off with dinner.

The delicious dinner was prepared by the CCSF Culinary students 

Chef Yaku takes a moment to share a few words of wisdom
 before beginning the tour
Chef Ng spends a great deal of time touring their facilities, explaining the
 equipment and what is required of the students in their culinary program 

The "Coffee Man" Visits P&P

Elliot Katz, CFE, HAAC, Foodservice Coffee Consultant
with over 45 years in the Foodservice Coffee business visited the
 Bayview YMCA to make a generous coffee donation!

When I told Elliot I would like to have Coffee in our kitchen he smiled and said,
 "I can help with that"! I've known Elliot for many years so it wasn't such
an off-the-wall request, he totally supports the program.

We received a Curtis Pourover Brewer, 3-2.2 Liter Airpots, a Case of Regular
and Decaf Coffee, Case of paper cups and a case of filters.
We are set to go, coffee anyone?
Giving Back to the Community 
Is What He Does!
Man J Kim, owner of Lori's Diner, Sears Fine Food and Golden Gate Bar & Grill has not only
come out to lecture to the students, provide internships but donates financially every year to the program!
To show my appreciation to Man J. Kim, I hand made these ties.
When you see him you can ask him about Betty Boop!



P&P students arriving to class to prepare the delicious meal for our 
Volunteer Fundraising Callers! 

P&P Advisory Board member, Emanuel Brueh, Human Resource Director 
with Park Central Hotel, bought along co-workers Sylvia Samantha, Human
 Resource Coordinator with Stanford Court Hotel, Timothy Daube, Human 
Resources Complex Manager with Hotel Diva, Christina Tang, Human Resource
 Manager with Park Central Hotel and Cindy Phu, Human Resource Manager 
with Parc 55. These guys didn't let up on the phone.
 P&P is forever grateful for the funds they raised! 

P&P students took time to introduce themselves and give a 
description of the menu they prepared!

That's me chatting with the Volunteers and reminding them of the wonderful
gifts they can win through the evening for reaching fundraising goals. Even though
they were not present other P&P Advisory Board Members also raised funds.

P&P Advisory Board Member, Kevin Carroll, Executive Director, Hotel Council,
 was the first person to reach his fundraising goal. He won this portrait donated by
 photographer Jon Rendell (also took the Cell Phone Party Photos) valued at
 $250.00. The photo comes from the Stanford University show and also showcased
 in Jon's year long blog called is This Frisco. 

Antoinette Sobalvarro, Community Advocate and Mikael Wagner,
 Principal, Promotions West, played the critical role of securing in-kind 
gifts for the Volunteers, tracking money raised and so much more.
 Missing was Don Brown, Concierge at Nema Apartments.

Chef Yaku KUDOS for instructing P&P  in the kitchen creating
some amazing food. 


Upon graduation, students that successfully completed the program are
 placed on Internships at various hotels and restaurants.
We are all so proud of the P&P students accomplishments!
An excited group of young men and women ready to graduate and move on to
summer internships at hotel and restaurants!!

This was a special day for all of the P&P students!

I'm looking forward to their internships...can't wait to get them all placed!

These are the first young ladies to graduate from Prime & Prepped. 
Chef Coats are earned after completing more than 50-hours and Aprons
20-hours. We are proud of them for going the distance

She was so proud of her Achievement!

His comments about how P&P changed his life was heartwarming.
He says, "I found a place where I fit in."

Showing off both his certificates of achievement from the P&P Program and 
Senator Mark Leno's Office. Senator Mark Leno, thanks for being a big supporter of P&P!

Seated amongst the parents at the front table are Otis Watson, Comerica Bank who
 provides private funds for P&P and Greg Collins, Executive Director of San Francisco Achievers.
 Sitting at the rear table is P&P Advisory Board Member, Casey Neuburger, 
Director of Human Resources at Hotel Nikko, Rashiada Nirobe, 
Workforce Development Consultant, The Lillith Group and 
 Hassan Iravani, Regional Director of Lori's Diners and Sears Fine Food,
 and a P&P parent. Students were placed on internships at the Fairmont Hotel,
 Marriott, Grand Hyatt, Lori's Diner and Sears Fine Food!


Chef Yaku prepares the students for a fun filled learning experience.

Yes, they must take notes!

Everyone is focused on the task at hand!

One of our rising stars! The students are given recipes and then left 
alone to bring them to life!

P&P students work well as a team.

Meredyth Haas, former Director of Development at the Bayview YMCA and a 
Pastry Chef was thrilled to bake with the students. Not only did they bake
 cookies but they made the Ice Cream Cake for the graduation.

The students were excited about making cookies but more importantly eating them!

The cookies vanished each time a batch was taken from the oven. YUMMY!


I'm listening as Chef highlights the student's achievements as 
 During the summer session, 20 plus hours allows them to
graduate and receive a P&P Apron. Many come back to
 the program during the school year to get more
training and experience. 

Family and friends stand in line to enjoy the food prepared
 by the graduating students!

 P&P students were presented with Program Certificates of Achievement as well as a goodie bag 
provided by Shakirah Simley, Community Program Manage,r with BiRite Market far
 left standing next to me and far right, Sarah Arndt, Community Outreach Assistant, also
 with BiRite. In each one of the sturdy bags was  their book Eat Good Food, a Grocer's
 Guide to Shopping, Cooking, and Creating Community through Food, a $25.00
 Gift Card to BiRite and some delicious eatables. 

Emanuel Brueh, Human Resource Director, Park Central Hotel, Cristian Rodriquez, P&P graduate, Casey Neuburger, Human Resource Director, Hotel Nikko, Michele Gaul, Regional Director of Human Resources, Fairmont Hotel and Marcelo Salinas, Executive Chef at Park Central Hotel. Members of Primed & Prepped Advisory Board were visiting City College of San Francisco. While in the cafeteria, we saw one of our graduates who is still very active in the program.

Primed & Prepped Program 

 January 3 - May 11, 2017

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:00 pm-6:30 pm