Monday, February 16, 2015

Into the Classroom with P&P then Back in the Kitchen!

 "Color Me Next.... Please!"

P&P students learned the importance of Color Analysis during their Personal Grooming/Wardrobe Workshop with Ms Kelly.

Knowing how to choose the “correct” colors for clothing will allow you to:
Create a healthier, more attractive appearance
Draw attention to you, not to your clothing or the colors themselves
Eliminate costly color errors when buying clothing

Chef Berlin wanted to know his colors too!

The students learned about skincare, they used a facial scrub to exfoliate
the dead skin cells. They were taught how eating a healthy diet contributes to healthy skin

 The session ended with a steam facial done with a towel
domed over their heads in total silence. This was also a
a lesson in releasing stress. They asked if they could do it every week

Career Preparedness

Life Skills classes covers an array of topics and P&P students take them seriously!
Pondering which emotional intelligence they are
Focused P&P students are the best!
P&P students are always eager to participate!

Leadership Opportunities

Inaugural students of P&P preparing for a video shoot for the Y for Youth Luncheon!
P&P leader in training explaining the benefits of the program to new students


Chef Berlin explaining the final details before P&P students serve their guest
"Lights On" event where P&P student prepared the meal the students from Charles
Drew Elementary School had a great time!
Knife skills class cutting up a whole chicken, cooking and then eating eat!
They took the left overs home to their parents
Chef Berlin is so patient with all the students...such a great instructor!
When Chef Berlin talks, P&P students listen attentively!
Freshness is the motto in our kitchen!
Chef Berlin is showing  P&P how to "whip it real good" whip cream!
Sauteed Collard Greens and cabbage... yummy!
Prep stations for their "tasting class"
P&P were so excited about learning how to developing their taste palates
We encourage you to send young men 14-19 our way for an incredible learning experience!

For more information about Primed & Prepped  contact Kelly Armstrong at the Bayview YMCA (415) 822-7728 or email