Saturday, May 23, 2015



The Graduation Cake....yum!
Primed & Prepped 2015 Graduates
Senator Mark Leno acknowledged the students accomplishments for completing over 50 hours of training with P&P
P&P Students received Chef Jackets for completing 50+-hours and an Apron for completing 20+ hours
Anastacia Parker (Tacing), Associate Executive Director announcing our special guest speaker, Thomas Myers
Thomas Myers, Deputy Director of Workforce Development, City and County of San Francisco
Preparing students for their internships at hotels and restaurants, Thomas talked about professionalism on the job and used these two students to demonstrate his point!
Takija Gardner, Executive Director for Bayview YMCA
Takija gave a glowing introduction for Kelly Armstrong, Program Director/Founder of P&P
Man Kim, Owner of Lori's Diner, Sears Fine Food and the Golden Gate Bar and Grill
Man Kim, a huge supporter of P& a donor and provides internships for the students
Brock Smith, Barback at Lori's Diner, took out time to lend some encouraging words to the students

Two of our inaugural students also spoke. I call them the Dynamic Duo. Rickey is entering 10th grade, Tristen is heading to College.
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Kelly introducing Chef Berlin and acknowledging all the love and passion he brings to the program
 “There are five things I teach in the class: Math, Science, Nutrition, Common Sense and Will Power,” smiles Chef Berlin

The Graduates receiving P&P Program Certificates, Certificates from Senator Mark Leno, Serv-Safe Certifcation and Chef Coat or Apron

P&P Intern Chef and Inaugural student completed 87-hours of mentoring new students!

 Family, Friends, Co-Workers Enjoying The Moment....Take A Look

Proud Parents of one of the graduates!
The young man in the middle will join us for our summer program that starts, Tuesday, June 9, 2015!
Another proud family! Grandma (right) was a very enthusiastic cheerleader!
Another one of our P&P students heading off to college. We are so proud of him!
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The room was full of laughter and joy!
Everyone was so attentive during the ceremony!
This beautiful family had two sons to graduate the program!
Bayview Y Co-Workers from the CARE Program enjoying the celebration! Their department assist with some of the job readiness trainings
More Co-Workers  from the Finance Department that support our program
Another Co-worker, one of the students girl friend and Julia Barboza, Counselor with Bayview Foundation. One of our star students comes from their organization.
Man Kim, catching up with Brock who is one of his employees.
P&P student was proud to let Mikael know that he appreciated him teaching him how to write out  a check
Chef Berlin hanging out with our students that attend Flex Academy High School
I was so appreciative to Brock for taking out time to speak with our students.
Chef Berlin always has a good time when Man Kim stops by. We are preparing students to intern with him this summer!
Thomas spent the majority of his time speaking with all the youth at the graduation!

Team Work is how we get things done at the Bayview YMCA!
Marlon was so proud of his young men that graduated, he kept telling me what a great opportunity this program was for them. I so enjoyed each and every one of the young men and hope that they will return as mentors!
My nephew and his girlfriend enjoyed themselves so much that they want to become volunteers to the program.




 P&P Volunteers & Supporters!
A very special Thank You to Tonie Brock, Photographer, for taking all the graduation photos. Tonie is also the mother of one of our guest speakers Brock Smith. Two years ago, Tonie shared my P&P Proposal with Gina Fromer, former Executive Director at Bayview YMCA. That turned into a meeting and the rest is history!

Thomas is instrumental in making sure the P&P students have internships with hotels and restaurants
Man Kim not only comes to the Y with jobs  for the students and funny jokes, but passes out $2 bills to all the young people...they absolutely adore him!
Judy Lepe is a highly respected volunteer with P&P. She assists with job readiness training using her Human Resources background!

Casey Neuburger, Human Resources Director, InterContinental Hotel is a long time P&P supporter opening internship opportunities, creating partnerships with the Hotel Council, Local 2, conducting mock interviews with the students, field trips and much, much more! Ulysses Skyes, Conference Service Manager at InterContinental is also on hand to mentor with our students. Peter Koehler, General Manager (no picture) is also a huge supporter of the program

Bairam Jacobsohn, Kitchen Supervisor at Zynga and P&P volunteer assists Chef B in the kitchen, provides field trips to Zynga, mentors the students and much more!
Marlon Scott, Counselor with San Francisco Boys and Girls Home has several graduates in the program. Don Brown, Concierge with NEMA Apartments, long time supporter provides field trips and helped raised funds at our recent CellPhone Party Fundraiser event. Kimo Uila, Director of Juvenile Justice Services, will be providing students to the program this summer and in the  fall .
Mikael Wagner, Promotions West is a long time supporter of P&P and teaches Financial Literacy to our students. Mikael also helped raise funds at our CellPhone Party! Along side Mikael is Celina Echazarreta, AARP Representative.
Carly Welborn, Bayview Y Board-member chatting it up with Takija!
Antoinette Sobalvarro, with the American Heart Association, is a long time P&P supporter and helped to organize the CellPhone Party Fundraiser event. Barbara Ann Thompson, American Heart Association Volunteer also helped raise funds.

We look forward to getting more young men Primed & Prepped for Higher Learner and the Workforce!

We encourage you to send young men 13-19 our way for an incredible learning experience!

Summer Program begins Tuesday, June 9- Thursday, July 30, 2015 T-W-TH 10-12N

For more information about Primed & Prepped  contact Kelly Armstrong at the Bayview YMCA (415) 822-7728 or email